Services provided by adult day care centers?

Generally, when older adults need extra care and support to live at home, most family members usually step in to help prepare meals, offer medications and companionship. Still, a few people need more care than family, or a hired caregiver can deliver during the day. During such circumstances, one option to explore is an adult day center, also widely known as adult day care. In fact, a trusted adult day care offers a safe and supportive environment for senior adults, and these facilities offer caregivers some much-needed time off.

Once you are familiar with the services they offer for the elderly, you will understand how great a solution is for older adults who need extra support but want to maintain independence at home.

Common Services Offered By Adult Day Care

Every adult day care determines which unique services to offer. However, some will provide exercise programs, social activities, and physical assistance for senior individuals who need help with personal tasks. Hence, having some additional support in such areas can boost one’s quality of life, and spending the day at a day center will make them smile more often.

Furthermore, in some cases, reliable adult day care facilities provide:

  • Physical exercises like walking, jogging, light stretching, or gentle movement stimulate the body.
  • Complete assistance with personal care like grooming, using the restroom, or eating.
  • Well-balanced and nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages.
  • Social activities include dancing, birthday parties, music, art, and crafts.
  • Any supervision throughout the day, as required.
  • Pick up or drop-off services for senior adults, either to and from home or on outings during the day.

Some specialized facilities available are:

  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling
  • Medication management all through the day.
  • Occupational therapy
  • Essential health monitoring such as blood pressure, sugar or offering hearing screenings.
  • Services for caregivers like support groups and further education.

Some adult day care centers even have pet therapy, where volunteers bring pets to the center. Moreover, there are also adult day care services that offer programs encouraging seniors and kids to connect. During such events, kids are invited to visit the seniors at the center, or the center may plan outings to visit local classrooms.

Make The Right Choice

All in all, it’s essential to do thorough research before you pick an adult day care center for your loved one. There’s no point in opting for a program if you’re not familiar with their services or they don’t offer what you’re looking for. Hopefully, you can explore the diverse care options available at different adult day care centers.